Happy Holidays from Kopec Dental!

Happy Holidays from Kopec Dental!

The holidays are a time for joy! With the year wrapping up and new opportunities ahead, the Kopec Dental team send best wishes to you and your family.

We consider you a part of our family, and we thank you for the pleasure of working with you. We wish you a happy holiday season and have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

Please note that we are closed from December 23 to January 4. For emergencies please leave us a voice mail at 403-290-0555. Messages will be checked daily.

You may also try to contact one of our partners at Canada Place Dental, Dr. Albert Lui, BSc, DDS or Dr. Murray Hennings, DMD.


Dr. Kopec is on the Web!

Dr. Kopec is on the Web!

It’s time to celebrate!

We must admit, this is long overdue, but we are pleased to announce that Dr. Perry Kopec and the Kopec Dental team in partnership with Dr. Albert Lui, BSc, DDS and Dr. Murray Hennings, DMD at Canada Place Dental are now on the web!

We hope this website will assist you in better understanding your appointment, our location, our dental services, and how to maintain your best oral health.

We are always happy to address your questions and concerns to ensure you have a comfortable visit. We welcome you to contact us!


KOPEC DENTAL | Dr. Perry Kopec, DMD Calgary, AB

Dr. Perry Kopec, DMD and the team at Kopec Dental invite you to participate in dental care the way it should be.

Dr. Perry Kopec and the Kopec Dental team insist on a collaborative approach to dentistry and your oral health and hygiene.

At Kopec Dental, we want you to be aware and knowledgeable about your options for restorative and cosmetic treatments. It is important to us that you are well-informed and understand your treatment, especially in more complex procedures.

There is nothing more important to your overall health than your oral hygiene. We also help you to maintain your own health with a regular hygiene schedule. We offer convenient patient alerts to keep your oral health top of mind. We offer phone call, text message, email and postcard appointment alerts and reminders. Let us know how you want to receive your appointment information!

We are conveniently located in the downtown core of Calgary, AB. Our office can be found in Canada Place Dental, on the plus 15 level of the Canada Place office tower. We will have you in and out in the hour for your hygiene visit. This way there will be little disruption to your work schedule.

New patients are always welcome! We’ll help you determine an appropriate hygiene schedule and work with your previous dentist to obtain your existing x-rays and treatment plan.

We also do our very best to accommodate any dental emergencies. We know how uncomfortable it can be when a tooth is causing pain, and we will see you as soon as is possible, or find an alternative solution. Often one of our partners in Canada Place Dental, Dr. Albert Lui, BSc, DDS or Dr. Murray Hennings, DMD will be able to treat you if our team is not.

Stop in to chat or contact us to book your appointment.

For additional information on the role of dentistry in your life, check out the great resources provided by the Canadian Dental Association.


Our Team

Our Team:

Meet the Kopec Dental team! We want to ensure your dental experience is a pleasant one. Learn more about our team members – and learn that we’re not so scary after all!

Dr. Perry Kopec, DMD

Dr. Kopec graduated from the University of Manitoba in his home-town of Winnipeg and promptly moved out west. He has practiced dentistry in Calgary for 32 years. Strangely enough, he knew at the ripe age of 4 years old that he wanted to practice dentistry and once he had his first visit at age 5, that confirmed it! Dr. Kopec loves to restore teeth as close to their natural position, shape, size and colour as possible. His continuous goal is competency  in all areas of oral surgery and periodontics. What Dr. Kopec appreciates most about his work is seeing the difference in his patients’ eyes after teeth restoration. Bringing out the confidence and the sparkle in his patients  rewards his work beyond measure.

Dr. Kopec is currently pursuing his helicopter pilot license!

We asked Dr. Kopec what he would be if he were not a dentist. His response: “A dentist”.

Heather, Registered Dental Assistant Level II

Heather graduated from Holland College in PEI after growing up in New-Brunswick. She has been by Dr. Kopec’s side for 22 years. Her decision to enter dentistry came out of the pressure to choose a specialization for college! She continued with dentistry and intrigued by specialty areas like orthodontics.

Heather loves to spend time with her boys!

If Heather were not a dental assistant, she would be an audiologist.

Chelsea, Registered Dental Hygienist

Chelsea graduated from Camosun College in Victoria, BC. She has been practicing hygiene for 7 years. As a kid, she spent lots of time in and out of dental offices with her braces. Because of the positive experience she had, she knew she wanted to become a hygienist.

She loves to run, play with her girls, and go on family camping trips!

If Chelsea were not a RDH, she would be a pharmacist.

Dallas, Registered Dental Assistant

Dallas graduated from Holland College in PEI. She grew up moving around Canada, but has landed back in her birth place. Her uncle is a dentist, and her mom is a dental assistant, so her interest in dentistry came about naturally. She had braces as a kid, but unfortunately had a poor experience. This inspired her to educate others and to help them take care of their own teeth and health. She loves to see her patients smile!

She loves spending time outdoors camping and hiking. If she can’t get outside, you will be sure to find her in spin class!

If Dallas were not a dental assistant, she would be a nurse.


Our Technology

Our Technology:

We use the latest in technology to enhance the quality and fit for your dental care.

As a bonus, during your visit we invite you to relax in our chair and enjoy that day-time talk show you never get to watch!


At Canada Place Dental we use the Biolase and the Odyssey Laser, the latest in diode laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventive care. The laser’s high-energy light beam acts as a sterilizer on the area it is working, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial infections and relapses.


We use digital x-rays so you are exposed to less radiation. We take x-rays in order to see things not seen by the naked eye such as the condition of your roots and the areas between your teeth. This helps us to determine bone loss, root health and the indication of any growths that may affect your health.

Infection Control

Infection control protects both you, our patient and our  staff. We employ a thorough protocol and have extremely high standards of our sterilization process. At all times we use disinfectant hand soap, we wear gloves and face masks, we use chemical disinfectant on all counter tops and surfaces, we sterilize all equipment before every use and we use disposable material where possible.All reusable equipment is sterilized in a device called an autoclave. The autoclave kills bacteria and viruses by steam, heat and pressure. Please ask us  if you have questions or concerns about our infection controls.