Health and Hygiene:

Your health and hygiene is our priority. We recommend our patients visit their dental team twice a year to maintain an excellent standard of care in dental hygiene and overall health.

Your health and hygiene require constant care – bacteria will always fight back! We encourage you to join in a schedule that enables our hygienists to keep harmful bacteria in check. Without a regular hygiene schedule, you may experience more pain or a longer appointment time in your next visit. No one wants that!

Each visit your hygienist will thoroughly clean the hard, calcified plaque deposits off all surfaces of your teeth. These deposits can cause periodontal disease, and may lead to tooth loss. The bacteria in these plaque deposits can also play a role in many other diseases throughout the body.

We suggest patients with active disease like tooth decay or periodontal disease visit every three months until we can bring the disease under control.  We also recommend more frequent care for patients with active systemic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, prosthetic joints or for smokers to achieve their best oral health and hygiene.

The Canadian Dental Association provides more great resources on caring for your oral health and hygiene. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health and hygiene.